The Tradivox Catechism and Search Engine

TRADIVOX is comprised of an international team of more than fifty independent researchers, copyists, editors, and designers working remotely on private contractor and volunteer bases. The objective is to create two final deliverables: a 20-volume hardback catechism series, and a digital catechism tool. This approach is both highly innovative and perfectly suited to the needs described above. In a time of grave confusion in the Church, the organization is reclaiming the consistent and reliable teaching of the greatest catechetical monuments in Catholic history, while at the same time leveraging the most cutting-edge distance learning software to make that teaching come alive for a contemporary audience.


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Operating under the Episcopal Advisement of Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Tradivox was established as a 501(c)(3) public charity in June 2019, as the culmination of several preceding years of international research. In May 2020, Tradivox partnered with Sophia Institute Press for the hardback publication of our Catholic Catechism Index, a remastered collection of the most outstanding Catholic catechisms ever issued in English over the last millennium.


Our existence as a nonprofit in the United States serves our main goal of restoring Catholic religious instruction in the digital age, with our main focus being the republication of the official catechetical works of Catholic bishops from the past several centuries. Our emphasis on Catholic education and scholarship is exemplified by our:

  • Development of a multi-volume hardback series of official Catholic catechisms dating from the 13th to the 20th century, many of which have been out of circulation for generations.

  • Development of a digital catechism search engine, giving Internet users (especially young people) engaging access to clear and authentically Catholic teaching like never before, using search terms.

  • Our work continues to appear in Catholic media outlets around the world, and has been endorsed by several Catholic cardinals and bishops. 

Project Outline

Tradivox has partnered with Sophia Institute Press to produce a 20-volume hardback collection of the most outstanding classical Catholic catechisms in history: a tremendous contribution to research and scholarship that will endure in physical copy long after current digital technologies have been surpassed.


Our TWO major goals are therefore: 

1) Publish a 20-volume collection of remastered, traditional catechisms; 

2) Launch a dedicated Catholic search engine for traditional catechesis.


This project is monumental, historic, and highly innovative. Although somewhat similar apps have been developed for scripture and some theological texts, nothing like this has ever been attempted with the 2,000-year scope of Catholic doctrine as distilled in the clear, consistent witness of the Church’s historical catechisms. As a response to the challenges we have detailed, Tradivox aims to place this remarkable content within reach of every person on the planet; and by doing so, increase global awareness of the perennial Catholic doctrine and foster more effective evangelization and catechesis, particularly in the digital frontier.


We are already receiving international attention and interest, and in light of the CV-19 situation and the current push to remote-access educational tools, this project could scarcely be more timely or necessary. Our hope is that this project will lead to increased knowledge of Catholic faith and moral praxis in the global population, via greater access to better educational content. We are confident that it will help decrease attrition of baptized Catholics from their own faith tradition, via reliable information in an engaging medium.”

In response to the challenges we have detailed, we are requesting $50,000 from the Christus Vincit Foundation, which will be used to secure the launch of our digital catechism platform as well as remaining research and editorial contracts for our hardback series. These funds will be matched with grant requests from carefully chosen foundations such as the Ball Brothers Foundation and the Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities in order to secure remaining goals. Our total project budget is $1.1 million over five years. Once completed, the hardback series will be freestanding and the cost to maintain the digital tool will be minimal and offset by recurring revenues.

Total Goal: $50,000

Project Budget


Christus Vincit Foundation is a Section 501(c) (3) charitable organization, EIN 85-3050427. All donations are deemed tax-deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.