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The Christus Vincit Foundation supports the growth of the Traditional Latin Mass across the globe. Through the generosity of donors like you, CVF provides matching grants to communities and organizations restoring the sacred traditions of the Catholic Church. 

Mission Statement
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Photos graciously provided by the talented Allison Girone. 

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About the Christus Vincit Foundation

Christus Vincit exists to restore the primacy of God in the natural order. We seek, through prudent financial gifts, to assist traditional Catholic parishes and strengthen belief in the supernatural through the restoration of sacred liturgy and beauty.  

How do we best heal a deeply wounded Church? This question fuels the vision of Christus Vincit: a lay society for the restoration of all things in Christ.  “The ears of the faithful people are holier than the lips of the bishops.” said St. Hilary of Poitiers (Contra Arianos vel Auxentium, 6) during the Arian Crisis of the 4th century.  So it is in our day.  The laity must rise to defend the Church in this dark hour. 


Christus Vincit is composed of lay Catholics to rally the men of the West to come to the aid of Mother Church by financing concrete acts of restoration of her lost patrimony. From repairing desecrated churches, to re-opening long-closed convents, monasteries and other restorative acts, this foundation will search for the most worthy projects in Christendom to support.


Our Projects

The Christus Vincit Foundation focuses on promoting projects, and raising funds, for parishes and organizations embody the issues we focus on— advancing the spread of the Latin Mass, creating or restoring sacred art and architecture, and promoting traditionalist causes in the United States and across the globe. 


“When we restore beauty, truly reverent and venerable and sublime liturgies, Christocentric beauty and sacredness, this will strongly attract others...This is our path.” - Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Christus Vincit


Restoration of Saint Mary's 1891 Hutchings Pipe Organ

In 1891, the German Catholic community that was established at St. Mary's in 1845, completed its second and grander church upon the original foundations of the first building. Father Georg Glaab, the founding pastor of the new church, wanted a pipe organ that would signal to all in downtown Washington that the German Catholics has arrived and provide long-lasting support for liturgical music at the parish. While it has been lovingly maintained over the past 130 years, overall disintegration, collapsing pipes, and structural weakening warrant a long-needed restoration.


Tradivox Catechism

Tradivox has partnered with Sophia Institute Press to produce a 20-volume hardback collection of the most outstanding classical Catholic catechisms in history: a tremendous contribution to research and scholarship that will endure in physical copy long after current digital technologies have been surpassed.


The two major goals for this project: 

  1. Publish a 20-volume collection of remastered, traditional catechisms. 

  2. Launch a dedicated Catholic search engine for traditional catechesis.


Donate to the Christus Vincit Foundation

Preserving the Extraordinary Form, one gift at a time. 


Conversations with CVF

Join us as we interview the men and women restoring the traditional art, architecture, and traditions of the Church. 


Our Patroness

The Christus Vincit Foundation is dedicated to Our Lady of Good Success. 

In seven apparitions over 40 years beginning in 1594, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres of the Convent of the Immaculate Conception in Quito, Ecuador.  

Our Lady also made many prophecies about the colony and the Church, including a worldwide crisis of faith and morals in the Church and society that would begin in the 19th century and extend throughout the 20th century. She warned that there would be an almost total corruption of customs, and more.

However, Mary also offered a solution to the crisis, namely, devotion to her under the title Our Lady of Good Success. She prophesied that this devotion would not begin to become well-known until the end of the 20th century. 


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Christus Vincit Foundation is a Section 501(c) (3) charitable organization, EIN 85-3050427. All donations are deemed tax-deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.